Everyone has their own unique story - let me tell you our ...

The story began a long time ago, behind seven mountains, behind seven forests, among meadows, hills and forests ... there was a little girl living there. It has always been her great dream to become a Teacher. She taught teddy bears and dolls and gave marks in a carefully prepared lesson book. On her way to school, she met forest fairies - real Sorceresses who properly guided her to the right paths, supported the best developed skills, motivated and made sure that she slowly realized her plans. As is sometimes the case with plans - they like to change and complicate. All adults know this. The fairy tale took on more down-to-earth landscapes and developed a bit differently. Then the Godmother appeared on her way. However, she did not have a magic wand and spells with which she enchanted reality. However, she helped to believe that it is worth drawing up a precise plan of action and trying to fight for yourself and your dreams, while creating the future in a completely different way.

That girl is me - Nicole. I have always dreamed of being a Teacher. It actually succeeded. I was lucky to have studied in institutions with excellent teaching staff. On my way, I met real Guides, from whom I received support and knowledge, for which I am very grateful. I would like all the little ones to have such opportunities, that's why ...

Today I am entrusting it to parents and children Niedźwiadkowo - the first place in Poland for kids, modeled on Western European educational institutions, located in Warsaw's Mokotów district. My dream is for the Children to receive exactly what I do - the belief that everything will be ok and the opportunity to develop in their own way, with a plan tailored to their needs, even though it is not a traditional approach. I am convinced that the implementation of the trilingualism program and the development of key competences will help us - adults in the difficult education of young Europeans for the 21st century.

Out of passion for the ever-increasing quality, I have created a place for Little People that combines an atmosphere of security with a specific idea for learning. I believe that a clearly structured plan, modeled on the educational systems of Germany, France, Belgium and Spain, and a pleasant space will facilitate entering this unique stage of life, which is so important for the development of every child.

Thank you for taking Niedźwiadkowo into consideration when choosing a place for your Child.

Complete form and let me invite you to get to know our space in the near future.

See you soon!
Nicole Cieplik

Our team

Nicole Cieplik

Graduate of the University of Warsaw, pedagogue, child sexologist, certified Trainer of Educational Facilities Support of the Ministry of National Education, author of curricula. Creator and leader of programs supporting international schools and kindergartens in building teaching strategies from scratch. In running an institution, she focuses on the highest quality and continuous improvement. She places great emphasis on a substantive and matter-of-fact approach to all issues. She believes that openness and acceptance grow in proportion to the awareness and knowledge gained, which she also tries to convey in her work. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Monika Rozwadowska

Graduate of the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin in the following fields: early childhood and preschool education, education of children with special educational needs and social work. Pedagogical Coordinator - supervises the course and quality of educational activities and all events. She has been working with the youngest since 2016. Always smiling and calm, she perfectly recognizes children's emotions. With remarkable patience, she introduces the kids to a new environment and teaches independence.

Iryna Rushenko

She acts as the Site Supervisor - coordinating organisational work, catering for the children, liaising with suppliers and looking after the guests of our special place. Always well prepared, she is happy to answer all questions and see to the smallest detail. She holds a formal professional qualification in childcare in the close-knit parenting approach and NVC. This is the person most likely to open the door of Niedźwiadkowo for you and invite you in.

Dorota Wiśniewski

Graduate of the University of Wrocław in special education - education and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities. She has gained professional experience in kindergartens and primary schools with a therapeutic profile. She conducts curricular and therapeutic activities, hand therapy, I and II degree fine motor disorders. She is a Certified Trainer of Expressive Arts and Creative Early Development.

Marta Tomaszewska

She is an educator of the youngest group in Niedźwiadkowo. She has training in integrating new children into the group, including those from multicultural backgrounds. She gathered her experience in the largest international institutions in Warsaw. When working with Children she always shows a great deal of patience and warmth. She is passionate about artistry. Extremely creative and focused on learning through art. Committed to her work, she easily establishes contacts with both Children and Parents, creating an atmosphere conducive to development and building a sense of security. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Allison Madrigal Delgado

Native Spanish speaker from Costa Rica. Graduate of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. She has been working with Children since 2019, teaching using games that stimulate all the senses. She also often intertwines elements of sport and movement - she holds the title of Champion in National Women's Basketball. In her work with the Youngest, she focuses on developing team skills to build interpersonal competence from an early age, also using new technologies.

Tarun Devrani

He graduated from the Warsaw School of Rural Farm and the National Institute in India in the field of Forest Information Technlogy and Life Sciences. For more than two years an active teacher of children and young people in international schools in Poland. Academic assistant at the Higher School of Physical Culture and Tourism. Certified instructor of dance and yoga and mindfulness.

Milena Bartnik

Psychologist, graduate of the School of Management. She has been working with children since 2020. In her work, she focuses on building self-confidence and developing creativity, using educational games and learning through play. She is qualified in introducing positive discipline and protecting children's mental health. At Niedźwiadkowo, she is responsible for psychological support from the first days of Students in the new environment and ongoing cooperation with educators.

Aleksandra Samek

She conducts dance classes (including ballet). Graduate of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, majoring in international relations. She is passionate about disco dance and jazz. She is constantly improving her qualifications in sports. She introduces the Bears to the world of dance by having fun and learning simple choreographies.

Wiktor Warenik

Sports instructor (Fizjo Niedźwiadek, fencing, martial arts, soccer and gymnastics). Graduate of the Higher School of Sport in physical education, specializing in education in sports. He leads soccer teams from the youngest groups. Hallmark: a bag of sports paraphernalia for every lesson!

Agata Runowicz

Logopedist, psychologist, pedagogue. Graduate of the University of Warsaw. She is responsible for conducting weekly individual and group speech therapy, based on original preventive programs. In her work she focuses on the prevention of speech defects and speech disorders, as well as on supporting the development of linguistic competence, which will determine the success and success of the child in preschool education.