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As a team of experienced specialists in various fields, we are well aware of how important it is for the proper development of the Youngest to take part in activities that are supportive regardless of age group. Below is a list of activities that are conducted at each stage of learning in Niedźwiadkowo.


Once a week, each group participates in speech therapy classes. Regular exercise trains concentration and memory. The program is adapted to dynamically developing multi-ingual children. During the lesson, we use dandelions, feathers, exercises with water and breath, shadow theaters. As a result, the Bears know language breaks, Polish poems and have "neutral" accents.


Ballet classes are a variation of dance that allows you to practice precision, accuracy and calm down. Small bodies become more flexible, we work on a simple posture and perseverance. During the classes, children commune with classical music and have the opportunity to practice in real ballet costumes!


The organized classes are attended by a medical dog that works with the teacher on a daily basis. Thanks to his presence, children learn sensitivity, openness to otherness and cooperation, as well as the basic rules of behavior towards animals. As part of this module, we also host alpacas - animals intended for therapeutic work with children.


Our children carry out at least one project per month, e.g. creating a volcano, which takes about 3-5 days. During its course, Children learn to plan activities, time management and experiment. This work is also an excellent tool for self-discipline, exercising faith in one's own abilities and agency.


Every last Friday of the month we organise sleepovers with workshops related to a theme (e.g. space, spring etc.). Children have the opportunity to become independent, prepare their own meals and have an adventure, giving parents a free evening and night!


On two Saturdays a month, we invite you to a day organized according to the standard schedule, from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. These days are a great opportunity for new Children and their Parents to get to know our facility and staff, and allow you to do your work duties on weekends without the stress of caring for your Toddler! During the events we provide full board and a nap.


At least once a year we take part in an organised bus trip, experiencing extraordinary travel adventures! We discover the most interesting places on the map of children's entertainment of Warsaw and its surroundings.


We organize a lot of cultural and animation events for our children, which make their stay in the facility even more attractive. We regularly have experts visits (e.g. a firefighter or a policeman) or visits of animals (alpacas, dogs). 


Regular visits to the theatre, the cinema or museums are a great basis for starting conversations about the world around us and for developing a sense of aesthetics and the ability to behave appropriately in different situations. They naturally show children that the world develops in many ways and that learning can take place anywhere.


Charitable support is one of the most important elements of sensitising Children to the injustices experienced by others and also encourages ongoing help in the world around them. We endeavour to ensure that, at a minimum, once a month, our Alumni take an active part in supporting those most in need.

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