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Below, we provide you with a list of things that are included in the LAYEROUT FOR A BEAR. Each element should be described with the child's name and surname.

We would like to remind you that the facility is not responsible for the destruction / loss of any items belonging to the Child - the staff, however, tries to pay great attention to putting things back, not exchanging and guarding them - in this way we teach the charges to respect material things and take care of them .

layette for a child aged 1-3 years

layette for a child aged 3-5 years


On average, every 3 months each Parent receives written feedback on their child's progress. The observation sheet contains the most important information about the development of the Bear, taking into account the opinion of the tutor and language teachers. We pay attention to both:

  • hard skills (using cutlery, developing gross and fine motor skills, focusing, etc.)
  • soft skills (relationships with peers, mental development, etc.)
  • language (mother tongue and foreign language acquisition)


In addition, individual consultations are held twice a year, during which all the staff of Niedźwiadków are at the parents' disposal.


In Niedźwiadkowo we use Live Kidd App, which allows for 24-7 (24-7) contact with the facility. For parents, there are, among others: options for planning the presence and absence of the Child, sending messages to all employees, receiving instant notifications about the deterioration of the Child's health or the ability to send photos of activities during the day.

In addition, a system for ordering meals operated from the position of a mobile phone is also implemented. Parents have a daily choice from 7 type of diets (classic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, pork-free, dairy-free), possibility of canceling meals: daily until 6.00 (also on Sundays) and ongoing access to bills.

Here you can take a look at a sample weekly menu.


Each Parent will receive from us GUIDE in pdf format, the source of all information, materials and tips. Our original Guide was created with Parents in mind to collect all the necessary issues in one place and thus facilitate the start, not only for Bears.

We invite you to read the opinions of parents about our facility FEEDBACK