Christmas fundraising for an orphanage


Niedźwiadkowo decided to share this good.

Any interested person could join the action. The gifts were collected in our facility from the end of November. The final collection took place on December 17. Its effects surpassed all expectations! The Niedźwiadkowa community showed great commitment, dedication, and above all - understanding and care for the children in orphanages.

Support was given to:

Orphanage No. 2 for them. Janusz Korczak at ul. Jaktorowska, for which we managed to prepare 17 individual gifts, fulfilling the individual dreams of the Children.

Orphanage No. 16 at ul. Międzyparkowa, has been infected with over 80 KILOGRAMS (!!) of hygiene and care products, toys, children's accessories and specialist food (modified milk, jars, etc.).

- The involvement of the Parents and Friends of Niedźwiadek was enormous! We did not expect such a response. We collected several dozen parcels, even sent by courier, from various people who responded to our invitation. It really is a fantastic feeling to be involved in such noble activities, especially before Christmas. - says with a smile Ms Nicole Cieplik, who is grateful to the people taking part in the fundraising campaign.

Presents were delivered to the institutions, in compliance with the rules of the sanitary regime, and the gifts were collected by designated persons.

We would also like to thank the Radosny Smile Nursery for help in organizing the campaign. It was our joint efforts that we managed to make the children's dreams come true, offering them gifts that fulfill many basic needs for them. We sincerely hope that the real gift realized as part of the collection is building relationships and noticing another person. These are the gifts that create the magic of the upcoming holidays ... not only for Children, but also for every Santa Claus who chose a letter or took the time to buy basic articles.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your support and good heart, and we look forward to your participation in further similar campaigns organized by our facility!

Full coverage of the action is available on our facebook:



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