Our new mud zone
Introducing our amazing zone 🌱🌷🌳 where Children can: explore, feel, plant, nurture, care, notice, cook, mix ... The number of applications is limited only by imagination! 🤩
We are talking about the MUD ZONE 🐝🦉🕸
What it consists of in our edition ⁉️
✅ a kitchen where you can prepare earthy and sandy treats on the worktop 🥘 equipped with the necessary utensils for cooking and baking 😉
✅ a herbarium where we grow herbs and basic vegetables🥕🥑🍆🍅
✅ a utility area with watering cans, buckets and access to running water to help with maths, nurturing and gardening games! 👩‍🌾
✅ a place for our forest bird friends 🐦, squirrels 🐿and bees 🐝 and buterflies 🦋 - for learning about their lives, observing and learning to care for the environment 🍀
✅ Montessori mirrors - for observing space in a distorting mirror 🕵️‍♂️
✅ chalkboard - great for outdoor activities 👩‍🏫 and in free play, practising writing vertically 👧🧠✍️
What impression does it make on you? 🧐 We are happy not to leave it alone! 😁
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