Niedźwiadkowo in the magazine "Dobra Mama"
 You can find Niedźwiadkowo on the shelves of Empik for a few days, specifically in the magazine "Dobra Mama".
We are very happy to be invited more and more often to speak as experts. This time we are working on a very important topic: HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST PLACE FOR YOUR CHILD?
Because you know that the best is not there, don't you? 😉 Najlepiej jest w domu (własnym!) z Mamą i Tatą. Żłobek/przedszkole/szkoła może być:
✅️ developing
✅️ friendly and safe
✅️ healthy and interesting
✅️ well organised
In the article you will also find our Bears: Hanna, Urszula, Thomas, Tymon, Pola and Malwina in Magda's lens Śmiała sztuka.
You can read the article here LINK 
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