Our space

Niedźwiadkowo is located in Warsaw's Mokotów, near Domaniewska Street and Aleja Wilanowska. It is therefore an ideal location for all Parents and Guardians who work in the corporate area of the capital and do not want to waste time commuting to other parts of the city.

At our disposal is a counting house over 440m2, consisting of:

  • four levels,
  • six classrooms,
  • classrooms for individual classes
  • four bathrooms,
  • two kitchens,
  • gym,
  • garden with a terrace,
  • front garden,
  • locker-room,
  • trolley.


Each classroom is equipped with certified toys (with the European CE quality certificate), which are to support the overall development of the Child and invite them to independently create play scenarios. We pay special attention to provoking independent work - from the kitchen stand, through the reading stand, to the carpentry and small DIY enthusiast. Simple and complex are also available strategy games, multi-lingual memory, puzzles and wooden blocks, railways, car tracks, imported from Scandinavia (which is famous in the world for the production of the best wooden toys for the youngest), enabling the exercise of small hands, precision and focus.

Parents can admire the works of art that the bears perform during the classes on the boards in each class.


We pay great attention to the library in each class - equipped with books in all languages we teach (Polish, English, Spanish and French) from exceptional foreign bookstores (e.g. from Great Britain or France), with beautiful paintings that encourage children to read.


In addition, in the gym we use equipment such as: Klanzy scarf, hula-hoop, balls of various sizes, weighted pouches, sashes, ribbons, and ballet costumes or Latin American (in ballet and salsa classes). Additionally, we also have sensory pathways.


In the gardens at the disposal of children, we have: a sandbox with sea toys, wheelbarrows, mowers with the possibility of releasing bubbles or rocking horses.

We pay great attention to creating a safe space for children - we make sure that they do not stay in places that can be stimulated by them, therefore the whole house is designed with attention to every detail by an interior designer, in bright colors, using natural materials.


A space where children are limited only by their imagination. It contains:

  • a kitchen where you can prepare earthy and sandy treats on the countertop, equipped with the necessary utensils for cooking and baking, 
  • a herbarium where we grow herbs and basic vegetables,
  • A utility area with watering cans, buckets and access to running water to help with maths, nurturing and gardening games,
  • A place for our forest friends - birds, squirrels, bees and butterflies - to learn about their lives, observe them and learn to care for the environment, 
  • Montessori mirrors - for observing space in a distorting mirror,
  • Chalkboard - great for outdoor activities and free play, practicing vertical writing.

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